At Éclipse and La Belle Étoile apartment’hotels, we take the safety of our customers and employees very seriously.  As such, since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, we have implemented a number of safety measures described below. 

Our team:  training and protection

All of our employees use personal protective equipment (mask and gloves) when cleaning guest rooms and common areas. 

Our employees have also participated in COVID training program both in class and on the job to learn about preventive measures and new cleaning protocols. 

New and improved cleaning protocols

With the help of a consultancy firm, we have updated and reinforced all of our cleaning protocols including those for guest rooms, common areas and laundry procedures. 

We have also put together a new list of cleaning products more appropriate for this new era. 

All frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, power switches, door handles, etc. are disinfected every day. 

Finally, we have removed all non-essential items from the guest rooms such as guidebooks, pamphlets, phone books, notepads, pens, etc…  Should you require any of these items, they are available at the front desk. 

Complimentary face masks and hand sanitizer

We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers near each of our main doors and in the welcome areas. 

A travel-size hand sanitizer is available in your room for you to keep. 

Forgot your face mask?  We have complementary masks available at the front desk upon request. 

Touch-free check-in

We have invested in new back office technology allowing for customers to pre-check in prior to arrival or upon arrival using their own device. 

The same applies for billing and payment which are now completely paperless and require no physical contact.  At the time of reservation, we will send you a link to a secure website for online payment.  It’s no longer required to communicate your credit card information at the time of reservation. 

Introducing the new FLEXIBLE rate 

We have replaced our NON REFUNDABLE rate with the new FLEXIBLE rate allowing for customers to cancel their reservation without penalty up to 24 hours prior to arrival.  This was necessary due to recent air traffic uncertainties. 

Meal deliveries for breakfast, lunch and dinner

We have remained OPEN during the various periods of confinement and curfew.  In order to ensure that meals were available to our customers throughout the day, we have established partnerships with local restaurants that can delivery your meal at your hotel. 

These partnerships are still in place today.  If you are staying alone, why not have your meal delivered instead of going out?  At the time of reservation, we will send you a list of our partner restaurants in the area. 

What we were already doing right

As a boutique apartment-hotel, our shared spaces are limited to the hallways and stairs.  All other areas are privately attached to a specific room or suite which considerably limits risk of any contamination. 

Also, as an apartment-hotel, reinforced cleaning in you room or suite is done every 3 or 4 days as opposed to every day.  This will also limit risk of contamination.