To make a reservation of an accommodation, the tenant can contact Prestige Locations on site, by phone, by e-mail or via the official website. In any case, the reservation will only be confirmed once the tenant has paid the deposit and accepted the terms & conditions.


For a stay of 1 to 4 nights, the requested deposit is equivalent to the rate of the first night of the stay. For a stay of 5 nights or longer, the requested deposit is equivalent to 25% of the total rate of the nights. The balance will have to be paid upon arrival during check-in. Prestige Locations is pleased to accept following means of payment: cash, debit or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) in direct or distance use, checks drawn on french banks, bank transfers and french “chèques vacances ANCV”.


Any cancellation needs to be notified per phone or e-mail during usual opening hours or via our website. If it is the tenant who initiates the cancellation, following terms will be applied:
If cancellation occurs more than 8 days prior to arrival day: The paid deposit will be refunded within 30 days.
If cancellation occurs within 1 and 8 days before arrival day: The paid deposit will not be refunded.
If cancellation occurs on the day of arrival, in case of no-show or if the initially planned lenght of the stay is shortened: full payment of initially planned stay is requested.
In case of force majeure such as death, accident or illness that requires the hospitalization of the tenant and making impossible the completition of the contract, he needs to inform the owner as soon as possible. If the tenant brings the substantiating documents, the owner is committed to reimburse the amount of the deposit paid at the moment of the reservation.
If the owner cancels the stay before arrival: unless in case of force majeure, the owner will reimburse the tenant the double amount of the paid deposit.
If the owner cancels the stay in progress: cancellation must be justified (lack of payment of the rent, bad check, deterioration of the premises, complaining of the neighborhood… etc…). This cancellation occurs within 2 days after having delivered in person a letter informing the tenant of this decision. The owner is free to keep the amount of the security deposit (see the article concerning the security deposit). Whatever the reason of the cancellation is, the amount of the already paid rent stays property of the owner, who will also be entitled to claim for possible outstanding debt.


Prestige Locations does not offer a classic hotel reception service. The tenant is bound to present himself at the day and time that has been plannified with the owner. In case of a delay or a late check-in, the tenant is requested to inform the owner. In case of a no-show and after a period of 24 hours after the plannified arrival without notice of the tenant, the owner is free to use the accommodation as he wishes and the present contract is considered as cancelled. In addition, the owner is entitled to claim for the total payment as compensation.
Unless prior agreement between the owner and the tenant, check-out needs to be done before noon on the day of departure. The tenant cannot claim for any right to stay longer, unless there has been an agreement between the owner and the tenant. If the tenant shortens the planned length of the stay, the owner will not proceed to any reimbursement, except eventually the security deposit.


Depending on the length of the stay, an inventory and a state of the property’s condition can be realized by the owner, in presence of the tenant and upon his arrival. In the case that the inventory cannot be made between the two parties, the tenant has 24 hours to check the accuracy of the accommodation’s description and to notify the owner of the potential malfunctions. After this period, the rented accommodation is considered as free from any damage upon arrival of the tenant. An inventory can also be made during check-out in order to check the good state of condition of the accommodation. With or without an inventory, the accommodation must be rented in a perfect state of presentation and cleanliness and must be returned in the same good state of cleanliness as well visually as olfactory.


Depending on the length of the stay, a security deposit can be required at the beginning of the stay and accountable for any loss or damage caused to the objects, furniture or other. It can also be used for a cleaning service, depending on the state of the accommodation upon check-out. The security deposit will be returned depending on the check-out inventory and will eventually be reimbursed within 2 weeks after the tenant’s departure. In case of damage caused to the accommodation by the tenant, the return of the security deposit will be reduced by the cost of replacement or repair upon presentation of completition documents by the owner and within the period of 2 months after the departure of the tenant. An amount of 50 Euros will be automatically deduced from the security deposit in case of necessary cleaning (non-restitution of the initial state of cleanliness).


The tenant is invited to subscribe to an insurance contract including holiday home rentals (check the conditions of your comprehensive home contract). The tenant has be able to justify so upon the owner’s request.


The owner is fulfilled to maintain the premises in a good general renting state, to offer to the tenant an accommodation and furniture that is in compliance with the description and the inventory, to permit the private and peaceful occupation by the tenant, to return the security deposit or deduce only the necessary amounts due to potential repairs.


The tenant is bound to use peacefully the premises, to occupy them personally without exceeding the number of persons such as agreed on the contract, to insure the premises, objects and furniture against rental risks such as theft, fire, explosion, water damage during the rental period, to be respectful of the neighborhood’s peacefulness, to use the available equipment only in their original meant use, to not move heavy furniture, to be accountable for any loss or damage caused to the premises, objects or furniture during his stay, to support any urgent repair to the premises without claiming for any reduction of rent or compensation, to check-out at the plannified date and time leaving the premises in the same state than upon arrival. Sublease is strictly forbidden, even for free of for any professional activity. It is forbidden to move any furniture and to install tents, canvass covers, trailers or similar on the parking or on the grounds. It is forbidden to leave the air conditioning on while the tenant is absent.


Prestige Locations Guyane collects personnal data of its clients in order to communicate with them concerning their accomodation reservation. This personnal data consists in following information : name, adress, phone numbers, e-mail adresse, passport number, credit card number. This personnal data can be collected in different ways : during a reservation by phone, during a reservation by e-mail, during a reservation via our booking engine (via Siteminder), at the moment of an information request sent through our official websites, during a reservation via an online booking agency (OTA like Expedia or booking.com for example) connected to our PMS (Misterbooking), during a reservation via any other online platform (Airbnb...) or via the creation of a client account on our application Prestige Locations Guyane. This data will be saved, stored and used exclusively for professionnal reasons within the company : they will be used to contact our clients before and during their stay concerning their reservation, and after their stay to contact them via our newsletter (if wished). This data will never we given away, sold, shared or revealed to a third party. The partner companies which provide us the tools with which we work and communicate (Misterbooking, Siteminder, Blackbell, Customer Alliance, MailChimp) are also subject to the confidentiality and privacy of this personnal data, according to the GDPR that came into effect on May 25th, 2018. All our clients have the right to access, modify or delete their personnal data by contacting us per phone, mail ou via the contact form on our websites La Belle Etoile and Eclipse.